Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Karin Schwartz specializes in helping clients struggling with binge eating, addictions, and obesity. She will teach you the skills that lead to freedom from yo-yo dieting and the safety/prison of addictions. By working with clients to develop practical skills, such as techniques for self-monitoring, self-awareness, calming/soothing, and relapse prevention, clients develop a healthier relationship with food and with themselves.

Dr. Schwartz has performed hundreds of pre-surgery bariatric evaluations for those patients desiring the lap-band, sleeve, or gastric bypass. Her evaluations provide a discovery of potential issues (concurrent mental illness, history of addiction, food addiction), in combination with an interventional approach to helping the client create new behavioral patterns for lasting healthy lifestyle changes.

In addition to pre-surgery screening, Dr. Schwartz also has extensive experience providing post-surgery support to clients who find that the mental component of change still hasn’t caught up with their physical change, after the surgery. She works with groups and individuals to find alternative methods of coping with problematic thoughts and feelings, and educates people about what is truly necessary for change.

Dr. Schwartz spent many years studying and developing strategies to help Weight Loss Surgery patients navigate the multitude of changes inherent in life post-surgery, addressing the emotional aspects of “breaking up with food,” and creating a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable over time. She believes that anyone that struggles with food addiction, no matter how they lose their weight (diet and exercise, physician-assisted protein diets, or any type of bariatric surgery) ends up in the same place: weight loss maintenance. Together, you will work to define exactly what that will mean in your life, and get the help to develop the insight and tools you need for long-term success.

For Bariatric Surgery patients who are struggling with Weight Regain, the work will focus on identifying the specific areas to address, so we can get you back on track as quickly as possible.