Group Therapy


The innovative Feeling, Thinking and Eating Group’s premise assumes that how we think strongly influences how we feel and behave/act. Each group meeting is psychologist-led by an experienced Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Karin Schwartz, PsyD. Her thought-provoking questions and group exercises will help you uncover and process the thoughts and feelings which are contributing to your unhealthy relationship with food and eating. This meaningful and impactful process group is conducted in an intimate, safe and supportive environment.

The group combines insightful hands-on psychologist-led processing with each group member, as well as psycho-education and hands-on nutritional and behavioral based interventions with an experienced Dietitian, Jenny Arussi, MS, RD.

Examples of the psycho-education components include exercises such as: “Approach” Goal Setting, Meal Balancing and Mood Regulation, “Don’t Be a Victim of Your Thoughts,” Significant Food Memories, Preventing and Coping with Sabotaging Thoughts and Situations, Coping With Difficult Emotions, Ways of Handling Food Snacks and “Treats,” Gentle Eating Process, and Hunger + Satiety.

Private weekly weigh-ins with Jenny are optional, but encouraged, in addition to state-of-the-art body composition testing.

Group sessions meet weekly for 8 consecutive weeks, on either Tuesdays or Thursdays, starting on:


Enrollment: 8 sessions 

To understand the issues that are impacting you specifically, an individual meeting with both the psychologist and the dietitian are highly recommended. If you have a PPO Insurance, a Superbill will be provided by Dr. Karin Schwartz for possible reimbursement from your insurance company.

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